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DwarfHeim Officially Leaves Early Access with Version 1.0

Ready your hammers and count your lumber. Dwarfheim, the co-op survival RTS game, has left Early Access and is officially available as a full game.

DwarfHeim updated to version 1.0 on September 27, pulling the in-development RTS game into a formal launch state. Detailed in a dev blog post on Steam, this update introduces a collection of new features and changes.

  • Upgraded Defenses
  • Achievement update for survival
  • New survival UI
  • New Hilda lobby animations
  • Change survival troll colors (minimap & health bar)
  • Arrow projectiles rotate towards the target
  • Added survival difficulty bonus when playing on a team
  • New Thanes voice lines
  • Auto-chop after constructing lumber mill
  • New thane, cosmetics and troll icons
  • Level reward buttons send to collection screen for item clicked

To celebrate the accomplishment, the developers are giving a special weapon skin to anyone who played during early access, as well as anyone that plays within 30 days of the update.

“As a thank you to everyone who has played during Early Access and who joins us for our v.10 release, everyone who has bought DwarfHeim either during Early Access or within 30 days from release will receive an exclusive weapon skin!”

We’ve enjoyed DwarfHeim since it’s early access release in September of last year. Co-operative survival RTS isn’t a super common take on the genre, but we enjoy it when done correctly. They even introduced a method to play with a friend without needing to purchase two copies. The general public appears to feel differently, however, with a “Mixed” review rating on Steam.

Either way, If you want to finally get into the game yourself, you can do so by checking out their Steam page.