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NEBULOUS Fleet Command Expansion has Launched

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command, an intense Sci-Fi Expanse inspired strategy simulation game has released a big update. The game, created by EA entered Steam Early Access earlier this year to a ton of positive reviews. Right now the game is 20% off on Steam so head over and grab it before the sale ends!

Check out the full update information and trailer below;

The Modular Missiles update touches almost every part of the game, adding missile customization, new launcher types, and new point defense variety. The update brings a rework of penetration mechanics and a rebalance of cannons, railgun weapons, electronic warfare, and missile launcher capacity, among many other things.

The missile customization feature allows players to customize their ordinance and mix and match a set of 5 missile bodies with 3 warheads, 2 guidance modules, 8 seeker types, 6 support modules, and a configurable engine system to tailor their missiles to match individual needs, including:

  • Configure the various seekers for specific targets, design them to reject electronic warfare decoys, or customize the approach angle to the target.
  • Cruise guidance allow players to send their missiles on 3D waypoint paths around asteroids in order to strike the enemy from behind.
  • Different types of warheads, with configurable size versus the engine‚Äôs fuel, can deal devastating damage in different ways.
  • Support modules can be used to help penetrate PD, such as by launching decoys on terminal approach to turn 5 missiles into 15 and overwhelm point defenses.

“NEBULOUS already features one of the most detailed representations of missile warfare in any video game, and this update brings even more depth and complexity to make it an even more unique product”, says NEBULOUS’ developer Eridanus Industries. “Unlike most other games, where missiles are an infinite resource and just serve to add variety to damage types, in NEBULOUS missiles are limited and every one is a potential ship killer where a single hit is to be feared.”

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is on sale from August 20 until August 28 via Steam Early Access.