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Kits Games’ Reveals Next Game: The Valiant

Put down the rifles and pick up the broadswords, Kit Games has announced a new RTS game. Stepping away from their history with military combat, it instead falls deep into the classic conquests of the Middle Ages. Introducing The Valiant.

Kit Games has made a few solid RTS games in their time, including Sudden Strike 4 and the SWINE HD Remaster. But their going a different direction with The Valiant. A story-driven RTS game, players follow Theoderich von Akenburg, a now-retired hero. But in the shadows, an evil figure named Ulrich has become obsessed with getting their hands on a powerful, forbidden relic. Now Theoderich has to enter the fray once again to stop them.

The Valiant takes place in the 13th century, between Europe and the Middle East. The story-driven campaign will contain 15 missions, each offering various challenges and difficult decisions for the player. They will all generally involve amassing an army to challenge the antagonistic Ulrich, though a cast of characters will be presented, ranging from unstoppable female mercenaries to a large, ax-wielding mercenary. Each one will have unique skill trees, active and passive abilities and a variety of weapon and equipment options.

One thing that separates the game from the more traditional RTS format is the scope. The game is less focused on base fortifications and large armies and more on small, focused encounters. It’s more about using the in-depth characters at your disposal to overwhelm the odds than about simply building a larger army.

Outside of the campaign, The Valiant will have two multiplayer modes: co-op and versus. In the cooperative Last Man Standing mode, up to three players will work together to fight off waves of enemies. The competitive mode will offer both 1v1 and 2v2 PvP battles.

An official release date for The Valiant has not been announced. But when it does come out, it’ll be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It’s being developed by Kit Games and published by THQ Nordic.