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Half Life Inspired RTS Mod Lamba Wars Finally Releases

A 13-year-long project has finally come to fruition. Lamba Wars, the Half Life 2 inspired real time strategy mod, has left beta and formally released on Steam.

Lamba Wars is a free standalone multiplayer mod for a top-down shooter from 2010 called Alien Swarm (which is a remake of a mod for 2004’s Unreal Tournament 2004). Set in the Half Life 2 universe, it converts the game into an RTS game between the Resistance and the Combine. It features all of the base components of the genre, including units, abilities, buildings, defenses, and research.

The mod began production back in 2007. Around 2014, Valve gave approval to the mod for distribution and green lit it on the Steam platform.

As far as RTS games go. It’s alright. What makes it so special is both the dedication that the developers have put toward the project. For over a decade they’ve been working on this. They’re not exactly turning a profit from it, after all. It’s also the only noteworthy example of the Half Life universe as an RTS game.

You can download and play the game for free on Steam PC.