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DwarfHeim Early Access Releases This October 2020

Wondering what’s next for DwarfHeim? Worry no longer! The developers have laid out their plans for the future, including an early access release date on Steam.

What is DwarfHeim?

It’s a co-op focused RTS game with a somewhat cartoonish and high fantasy art style. Developed by Pineleaf Studios and published by Merge Games. Establish a base, farm for supplies, all that fun stuff. What sets it apart is the focus on co-op gameplay.

“We want to make sure DwarfHeim is the best co-op RTS experience out there. Our Early Access Launch this Fall will allow us to keep developing the game together with our community, seeing what features engage players the most and learning what can be done to make DwarfHeim more fun.” 

Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Klevin. 

“DwarfHeim wouldn’t be nearly as good without all the hours of feedback given to us by our community. With our Early Access Launch, we plan to keep delivering new features and content until we, together with our community, are content that DwarfHeim is finished.”

So what exactly can you expect when DwarfHeim releases? The developer update expands on this, listing a variety of game modes like Survival, Sandbox, Conquest, and Skirmish.

In Survival, all skills and buildings are immediately unlocked and the players are put into a challenging situation. This puts a focus on a player’s combat abilities and strategy. Sandbox is a more casual single player option, letting the player explore and build at their leisure. Conquest is their main game mode. Two players choose a class and work together to survive against an enemy force. This is the most traditional game mode. Skirmish is like a combination of Survival and Conquest. Players are given specific challenges against an enemy AI. They must defeat the AI to progress to the next challenge.

So when can you play?

DwarfHeim releases on Steam as an Early Access title on October 22, 2020. An official price was not listed.

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