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Play DwarfHeim for Free with the FriendPass Feature

DwarfHeim is showing the spirit of sharing this holiday season. A new update to the co-op RTS game has introduced a new feature that lets you play with a friend, even if you only have one copy between you.

All owners of Merge Games’ DwarfHeim should now have what’s called a FriendPass. This item can be given to a friend, allowing them to download and play (almost) the entire game, so long as they’re playing it with you. Anyone can download the friendpass, but you need a copy-owners invite to actually play.

Currently, the FriendPass feature is limited to Survival Mode, though it may be expanded to other modes as servers stabilize. Though it might not, serving as an incentive for the friend player to purchase the game for themselves.

This has happened a few times in the gaming world, Mario Kart DS and 51 Clubhouse Games both allow multiple people to play together on different consoles, so long as one person owns a single copy. Every time this is done, it’s praised, so this is a great look for the developers.

That’s not all that the update will bring, either. Players will also see new custom games, tutorials, keybinds, and unit type effects. Not to mention that it will include a number of small changes and refinements.

DwarfHeim caught our eye when it was announced for release in October. It’s a high fantasy RTS with a focus on co-op play. It’s available now on Steam in Early Access, costing $24.99.