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Warpips is a Tug-of-War Style War Game for Those With Limited Free Time

A good RTS game session can take hours upon hours to complete. Longer if your opponent knows what their doing. But sometimes, we don’t have that much time to spare. That’s what makes us love Warpips so much.

Warpips is a real time strategy game with a simpler, shorter gameplay loop. Described as a “tug of war” style match type, it features smaller, more linear maps with a more accessible form of unit management. Instead of having to keep track of the entire map, each encounter is focused on specific battlefields, where players will deploy pre-planned squads to fight for control of the area.

The Warpips format is great for people with less time than others to put toward gaming, too. Each encounter lasts between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how things go. Even the real busy folks can afford to make a push for new land every night, if they wanted. A traditional RTS game can go for hours and hours on end. And while we know that one could save and return to such a game, it can be jarring trying to remember the strategies and plans placed last time. By segmenting it apart like this, returning to an ongoing campaign is much more approachable in Warpips.

The game was in early access for a while, but it released as a full release, 1.0, just last month. It was developed by Skirmish Mode Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment. You can find it online on Steam and the EGS for about $17.