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Future Iron Harvest Update to Add Campaign War Map Feature

Iron Harvest, Here soon, the diesel-punk RTS is getting a new world map system for their campaigns

Developers KING Art have teased their next update, which introduces “a new World Map Campaign mode for single player vs. A.I.”

The update, teased as part of a devblog post on Steam, shows an over world map with different zones segmented. These zones might be unclaimed, while others might be taken over by an enemy AI. Each one will introduce new battles and skirmish set-ups. It’s not entirely unlike the system used in the Company of Heroes games.

This upcoming system pairs wonderfully with the world and setting of Iron Harvest, an alternate history take on a lesser known war from the 1920s. It gives a greater sense of the longer effects of war, the struggles over territory control and such. And that’s just narratively, we also really like the idea of how much more playability we would get out of campaigns.

Iron Harvest is available now on PC, it’s also available on Game Pass for PC.

The folks behind Iron Harvest didn’t pay us to say any of this. But they did sponsor us in the past, you can find that in our article: The Unexpected Origin and Lore of Iron Harvest 1920+