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Gameplay Footage of Conan Unconquered Revealed

It wasn’t that long ago when we learned that Funcom was publishing a Conan-based RTS game developed by C&C developers. And already, they’re releasing gameplay footage showing off just how refined it will be.

Released a few days ago, the video shows the Petroglyph studio in Las Vegas, showing off some Conan Unconquered gameplay footage while it’s in its alpha state. This is the first time any gameplay of the game has been seen.

So far, everything is about what you would expect out of an RTS in the Conan the Barbarian universe. We see cinematic moments of giant brass statues, cities being overtaken by large spiders, and development details about the co-op mode. Of course, there’s plenty of discussion with the developers about it all.

They also revealed that Conan Unconquered will be coming to the Game Developer Conference, a major event for developers and press to get together and showcase what they have.

Being developed by Petroglyph, a studio made of veteran developers that worked on Dune II and Command & Conquer, I’m sure this will be a fantastic game.