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Petroglyph Pauses Earthbreakers Development to Work On “Exciting New Game”

Rough (but maybe not) news for anyone that was excited for Petroglyph’s next game. Earthbreakers has been put on an Indefinite delay after the studio was met with other opportunities.

For anyone who didn’t know, Petroglyph (the team behind Command & Conquer) was working on an RTS/FPS type game called Earthbreakers. While played in first person, with real time action shooting, it held a number of classic RTS concepts like buildings, resource management, and unit development.

Unfortunately, the studio has announced an indefinite delay (thanks, TechRaptor). While they haven’t given up on the game, they were recently given an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

“Everyone at Petroglyph sincerely appreciates all of your support and enthusiasm for Earthbreakers. Since starting this project last year we have been approached by a publisher to work on an exciting new game that has required all our available resources, including the majority of the Earthbreakers team. This means that for now, we need to place Earthbreakers on hold while we focus our full attention in making this new project as great as it can be. We still believe in Earthbreakers and will keep you appraised as to when we will resume development.”

Speculation Time!

Petroglyph is a veteran in the RTS world. The C&C games are staples to the genre developing into what it is now. And with Age of Empires coming back and RTS games gaining popularity again, It would make total sense that a new C&C could be coming. That would certainly be exciting for them.

It might also be something totally unrelated to C&C, but we remain hopeful all the same. Whatever it is, it’ll probably be a while before we find out for ourselves. Stay tuned.

It’s a shame about Earthbreakers, though. But maybe it’s for the better. Not a lot of games have tried to mix the two genres like this. And when they have, they weren’t tremendously well-received. But if anyone can do it, we’d believe it’s Petroglyph.