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Bannermen: Like Age of Empires with World Magic

Do you long for the time when Age of Empires was the king of RTS games? Then you might be interested in the recently released Bannermen. This medieval fantasy game is a modern tribute to with a mix of magic thrown in.

Developed by Pathos Interactive and published by 2tainment GmbH, Bannermen has the player collect resources, build bases, and form units to fight in a long lasting war. But unlike the veteran RTS games, this one introduces environmental spell casting. The player can use these spells to summon lightning, tornados, and volcanic explosions.

Alexander Wagner, Product Manager at 2tainment GmbH, spoke about his excitement for the game.

“We are excited for the launch of Bannermen and can’t wait for players to try out Pathos’ modernized take on the classic RTS formula. The environmental magic, combined with the game’s rich characters and story, will certainly entertain fans of the genre and those new to Real-Time Strategy.”

Speaking of story, Bannermen takes place in Valtoria, your standard medieval fantasy world. Decades of conflict, disaster, and famine have taken a toll on the land and its inhabitants. Sometimes this is at the hand of the local tribes, other times its because of the dark lord Karthor. The player controls Lord Berrian, who strives to return his kingdom to the glory it once was by rallying the Bannermen to fight these opposing forces.

Bannermen RTS Age of Empires Game

Bannermen features a story-driven campaign and online multiplayer modes, including matchmaking and ladders.

Bannermen is available now on Steam PC for $29.99. They also have a free demo available on Itch.io. More information can be found on the official website.

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