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Bannermen Gets Large Update A Month After Release

In only a month’s time, medieval RTS game Bannermen has received a major update, adding new units, new maps, new difficulty, and even a text chat.

The new update, (version number 1.1.0) introduces a number of changes and additions to the game. The most notable is the new content, but it also features plenty of bug fixes and technical solutions that players don’t get as excited for.

What’s New:

Two New Units: Vanguard and Ballista. The Vanguard is a partially armored melee unit with high defense and impressive melee range. The Ballista is a common old english siege item. Essentially a giant crossbow, this unite is a heavy, long ranged unit. It also comes with a chain feature, which will pull the enemy in closer.

New Skirmish Map: Designed for 2 vs 2 games, it works well enough on 1v1.

Tactical Pause: A community request, this feature allows you to pause the game and set new battle plans and tactics at your own pace. Once you have things as youd like, you can resume.

In-Game Chat: Because everyone was asking for it.

Extra Easy Mode: A new difficulty option was added to the game’s campaign. This mode is intended for casual and new players to the RTS genre.

Bannermen RTS Game Age of Empires

Bannermen is developed by Pathos Interactive and published by 2tainment GmbH. In the game the player collect resources, build bases, and form units to engage in warfare. The game features elemental magic that can be used to change the battle conditions, such as spells to summon lightning, tornados, and volcanic explosions.

Bannermen is available now on Steam PC for $29.99. They also have a free demo available on Itch.io. More information can be found on the official website.