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Worship The Deep in the Northgard Clan of the Kraken DLC

Don your sailor’s caps and get out the ceremonial daggers, Northgard’s latest DLC lets you worship the Kraken, and it’s available now.

Northgard, the popular Viking RTS game has released their latest DLC update, Clan of the Kraken. This $5 purchase adds a new clan option to the game roster specializing in oceanic tactics.

The Clan of the Kraken have two major aspects to their gameplay. When not in oceanic or coastal regions, their abilities are reduced. They can also produce Norn, a title given to female clan members. The Norn can produce happiness as well as a strange force called Wyrd, which is used to perform strange and powerful actions.

The official launch trailer lists the Kraken clan’s abilities as follows.

  • Colonization and building costs on non coastal zone are 50% more expensive.
  • All units’ Attack is reduced by 30% on non coastal zone.
  • You can’t build Longship Docks. Trade Victory is not available to you.
  • The Fisherman House is replaced by the Fishery. The Clan of the Kranken can use the Fisherman House to fish in both lakes and sea.
  • The Brewery is replaced by the Horgr to train females Clan Member into Norns. The Norn produces Happiness and Wyrd
  • Wyrd can be used to activate special abilities.

This appears to be a big homage to Lovecraft style horror. The idea of a cult worshiping a massive monster for mystical power is a classic trope for the genre. Additionally, Lovecraft’s “Shadow Over Innsmouth” tells the tale of a fishing town that used dark secrets to grow more powerful.

The Clan of the Kraken DLC is available now for $4.99.