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Northgard, Viking RTS, Available on iOS Now

Northgard, the viking-themed RTS game by Shiro games, is now available on iOS devices.

In Northgard, the player manages their own Viking settlement. They have to manage their resources, expand their boundaries, and engage against enemies (mythical or otherwise) to maintain their place in the world.

Originally for PC, the game has seen noteworthy success, expanding onto consoles, releasing DLC, adding new features, and even making their own board game. Only now, however, are we seeing the game come to iOS.

The mobile port is being produced by Playdigious. It will contain everything from the main game, including content updates, while also adding in new content in the form of maps and artifacts. The DLC will also be available as separate purchases. The only downside is that multiplayer will not be included. Though there had to have been a compromise somewhere, we suppose.

This is a lot of Apple talk, what about Android phones? While they don’t have specifics available, they’re actively working on bringing the game to Android mobile devices and expect it some time later this year.

The game is available now on the iOS App Store, costing $7.99. Each DLC will be a separate available purchase for $2.99. The Snake Clan DLC is available for free, for a limited time.