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TinyWar High-Speed Coming to Nintendo Switch as Little Bit War

TinyWar High-Speed, the retro 8-bit RTS game for PC, is coming to the Nintendo Switch as Little Bit War.

Launching later this year, Little Bit War will have widescreen support and improved graphics. Published by Mediascape and developed by Ruten no Oheya, Little Bit War is a real-time strategy game inspired by the classic NES era of gaming. With a top-down view, the player builds barracks and factories, establishing a civilization and building an army to attack and defend against rival camps.

The game has a somewhat simplified take on the genre, with an easier to manage grid system to prevent overwhelming the player. It also has randomly generated maps to give constant variety to your games.

TinyWar High-Speed had gathered mild acclaim when it released on Steam ($9.99). Little Bit War should offer a great starting experience for younger audiences and those new to the RTS genre. especially with the handheld availability of the Switch.

Unfortunately, the Switch version is only confirmed for a Japan release. Though with the original available on Steam in the U.S., we can only imagine the same will happen with the Switch eventually.