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Virus: The Outbreak, the COVID RTS, is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Virus: The Outbreak, the vaguely controversial disease-based RTS game is now available on the Nintendo Switch. 

Some folks might remember, back in May 2020, when a new RTS game released on Steam. It was called COVID: The Outbreak and it was a strategy game based around the current pandemic. The player has to do their best to reduce the spread of the disease, treat those infected, and develop a cure.

While some have found the topic in bad taste for a video game, developers Jujubee have said that they care about tackling current and serious topics. This tracks, with their past titles focusing on the Russian submarine tragedy, the underwater ecology crisis, and the current political struggle. The game helps manage this image by providing the player with real world information about how to behave in an epidemic, what actions to take, and how to most effectively keep themselves and their family safe. All of the data is based on data published by WHO, even.

You might have noticed a new name. This is likely to conform with Nintendo’s Storefront guidelines, which likely do not allow for games with COVID in the title.

Since it’s release on PC, the game has received fairly positive review scores. It becoming available on Nintendo Switch for only $10 sounds like a good deal to us. Though we absolutely get it if you’re not wanting to play a game based on something making your real life harder already.