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Bethesda is Working on an RTS Game, Insider Claims

Bethesda has really expanded as a company over the last several years. And if what we’re hearing is right, they might be expanding right into the world of RTS games.

According to industry insider Nick Baker, reported by Comicbook.com, Bethesda is currently working on a real time strategy game under the name “Project Wormwood.” The name, no doubt a placeholder, is presumably a reference to Westwood, the original Command and Conquer developers.

Unfortunately, this is the only information provided. There’s no certainty as to whether it would be an existing franchise or a whole new IP. We spoke before about how the Elder Scrolls would make for a fantastic RTS setting, and we remain adamant about the idea.

Do you trust this information? Insiders and leakers are always very hit or miss. It can be hard to trust such a claim, especially when no one else can confirm it. But baker is the founder of XboxEra, and has an established history of information. We’ll keep our expectations low for now, but maybe a little bit of hopefulness can be allowed in.