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Opinion: There Should Be an Elder Scrolls RTS Game

Real time strategy game are starting to make a comeback. And there are few better ways to both support a genre revival and retain consumer interest than by using existing franchises. This is why I propose that an Elder Scrolls RTS be developed.

I’m not just picking a franchise at random. I have a strong reason for these games specifically. The Elder Scrolls continues to be a powerful IP, with Skyrim being one of the best-selling RPGs of all time. It’s become one of the more well known games in the community, both with hardcore and casual gamers. 

Logistically, it’s right in alignment with the company’s market strategy. They’re no stranger to spin-off games, producing a successful mobile game and even more successful MMO. Just recently, parent company Bethesda was purchased by Microsoft, who has an interest in reviving the Age of Empires series with AoE 4. This all combines to make the perfect scenario for an Elder Scrolls RTS.

To further reinforce the idea, lets take a look at the creative world of Elder Scrolls. In the games, there are a number of different races and organizations, each with a history of war against each other. Whether it’s the Aldmeri Diminion wanting control over the Black Marsh or the civil war between the Stormcloak Nords and the Empire, there are plenty of large battles that could be recreated in an RTS format. You could even have a co-op player vs horde in waves type mode, with the NPC enemies being the demons and imps that come out of appearing oblivion gates.

The mechanical variety is already there. Elder scrolls has mages, warriors, assassins, thieves, and so on. There are plenty of ideas to be had for different units. Players could have to build their own mages colleges, fighters guilds, and dark brotherhood branches to generate a variety of units with special skills.

Everything is already there! All of the makings of a fantastic RTS game are here, we just need someone to make it. So here’s what I propose: after Age of Empires 4, Relic Entertainment and Bethesda Game Studios should collaborate on an Elder Scrolls RTS game.

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but I remain resolute and must insist that anyone who disagrees is an Imperial Milk Drinker. Phil Spencer, if you want to congratulate me on my cleverness, have your people contact my people.

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