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King’s Orders is an Upcoming RTS Commanded From a War Room

They say that wars are not always fought on the battlefield. It’s the conflict of kings and queens far away from each other. While the leaders may not be on the front line, they are still very much involved. That’s the idea that King’s Orders is looking to capture.

King’s Orders is a recently announced, in-development, RTS game where war is managed not from the traditional birds eye view, but from a medieval war room. Operating as the ruler of your own nation, the player receives messages, updating them on the current war. They then must issue messengers to deliver instructions to their various soldiers, encampments, and so on.

But it’s not that easy. Messages may arrive too late, or even not get to their destination at all. Complications can, and will, arise.

This reminds me of a previously released game called Radio Commander. It follows a similar idea, where the player is a Vietnam War radio commander that issues orders from a radio. After looking a little closer, both games have the same publisher, Games Operators.

While it all sounds interesting, I’m admittedly uneasy. The game trailer looks a bit underwhelming, showing pieces moving on a map and some pre-rendered (but not terribly high quality) cutscenes. This will also be the developer’s (Afterlife Studio) first game on Steam, giving no assurance that the studio knows what they’re doing.

At this time, King’s Orders have no official release date. Not that we’re holding our breath. The game can be wishlisted on Steam now, for those interested.