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Radio Commander is Releasing on iOS, Android Devices

Radio Commander, a unique RTS game that doesn’t take place on the battlefield, will be launching on mobile devices this month.

In most RTS games, the player controls an all knowing entity, floating above the world and issuing commands from their perspective. Some games justify this with science or magic. Other games simply don’t acknowledge the perspective. 

Radio Commander takes a more realistic direction. The player controls a Vietnam War military commander who has nothing but a map and a communications radio to know whats happening. Away from the battlefield, players are responsible for keeping their information up to date with radio check ups and map markers. 

Radio Commander also holds a greater sense of moral struggle than your average RTS. Oftentimes, the player has to make a difficult decision that will likely cost lives. These decisions will be influenced by how well you can keep track of the battlefield.

Originally, Radio Commander was only available on PC. Now it’s coming to mobile. The game will release on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store on July 30.