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Iron Harvest is Available Now on Xbox Games Pass for PC

Great news for subscription-based gamers. Iron Harvest, the diesel-punk RTS, Is currently available for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Iron Harvest is an alternate reality RTS game that takes place right after the Great War. Unlike real world history, nations have developed massive, walking mech vehicles, changing the way that war is waged. The game offers a classic RTS experience, with campaigns, co-op, and skirmishes. Play as a variety of factions from around alternate reality Europe. You can learn more about the game and it’s origins in this article we wrote.

The game is now available on Xbox Game Pass PC. For those unfamiliar, Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft. For a set price per month, users are granted access to a library of various games to download and play at their leisure. They have three different subscriptions: one for console, one for PC, and “Ultimate,” which is both, along with Xbox Live Gold and access to XCloud, their game streaming service.

Iron Harvest was added to the Xbox Game Pass PC library (not console, sorry) on June 24. Games come and go from the library, so it may be taken off at some point, but we can expect it to be available for a good, long time, at least.

Otherwise, you can always purchase the game the traditional way: on Steam. It’s available there for $50. At the time of writing, it’s on sale for 75% off, even.