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Iron Harvest Adds Ranked Multiplayer in September Update

Think you’re good? In part of a September update roadmap, an official Ranked multiplayer mode has now been added to Iron Harvest.

Iron Harvest, a dieselpunk style RTS game based in an alternate reality 1920s where giant war machines fight half your battles, released at the start of this month. Since then, the developers have been implementing new features every week, including new maps. This most recent update has introduced a much desired feature, however: ranked multiplayer.

Intended for more competitive players, ranked mode will pit equally skilled players against each other. Based on who wins, players will rise and fall in the rankings, determined by their Skill Rating (SR). The more SR you have, the better an Iron Harvest player you are, objectively speaking.

Players are sorted into six different leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master. Each league is sorted into three divisions. Players will be promoted or demoted into these leagues and divisions based on how well they do in ranked matches.

It’s important to mention that if you don’t have a ranking, it may take 10 to 15 matches to occur before you will be given a ranking. It’s initial placement stuff.

Auto Casting

Ranked is only one of the new features added this week. The same update also introduces auto casting unit abilities. Now you can right click on a unit’s ability to toggle auto casting. When active, they will use the abilities whenever appropriate. It’s not available for all abilities, especially ones that it wouldn’t make sense for. But the developers have remarked that they might enable it for more abilities in the future, depending on feedback.

The update includes more changes, like gameplay tweaks and AI improvements. More information about that can be found on the dev blog. It also mentions that the final September roadmap includes one more 1v1 map some time in the last week of the month.

Don’t know much about Iron Harvest? Don’t worry, we broke down the game, it’s lore, and its inspiration in this article. Check it out!

Iron Harvest is available now on PC for $49.99.