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Empire of Sin Brings Strategy to The 1920s Chicago Mafia

I’ve had enough of medieval warfare and sci-fi skirmishes. I want a strategy game that takes place somewhere new, somewhere different. I want to play Empire of Sin.

Empire of Sin is a new strategy game by Romero Games and Paradox Interactive that takes place in the organized crime world of 1920s Chicago. Revealed at E3 2019, the player has to dive deep into the life of a gangster from sharp suits to shooting snitches, building their way up in the local crime syndication.

Built with a narrative focus, Empire of Sin offers a wider degree of control than your standard strategy game. The player can build up their own empire, establishing territories, expanding control, and manage your own employment of thugs to keep the city in your hands. When not in combat, players can interact with a living, breathing Chicago, having to threaten, bride, and seduce the various people living there to get what you want.

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While combat is a staple aspect of the game, it’s not the only answer. Players can achieve victory in a reign of violence, but they could also become the top dog with social influence, notoriety, and more.

Another thing that makes Empire of Sin stand out is the platforms it will release on. This will be one of the few major titles being made for the Nintendo Switch. The portable console has taken off tremendously over the last few years, but many RTS games overlook it, opting to only release on PC or PS4/Xbox.

Empire of Sin will be available in Spring of 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.