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State of Mind Devs Reveal New RTS: A Year of Rain

Daedalic Entertainment, the German game studio behind State of Mind, has announced their own co-operative real-time strategy game: A Year of Rain.

Announced in a press release at the studio’s Hamburg offices, A Year of Rain is a co-op RTS centered around the classic fantasy era of mages and runes. Daedalic describes their design process as one that “combines classic real-time strategy elements with a strong focus on hero units.”

A Year of Rain will feature a classic 2 versus 2 skirmishes, available as LAN, online, or against AI. They also revealed an “Against All Odds” mode that pits a pair of players against two entire armies. Essentially every mode is based around having a partner to work alongside. Solo players will be given an AI assistant to play with.

A Year of Rain Gameplay Release Date

“In the team RTS, you can choose one of three rival factions and get immersed in a gameplay mixture of base building, resource gathering, and unit training. Structures and units can be upgraded in order to enhance efficiency and power. With your carefully assembled army led by a legendary hero, you will be able to fight alongside the noble House Rupah, the Wild Outcasts, or join the Restless Undead.”

Sounds like some pretty standard RTS stuff, to be honest. But at least they’re making sure they have it.

A Year of Rain will release some time in 2019 on Steam.