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A Year of Rain Devs Reveal Second Hero: Shen the Scarred

First it was Morrig Fogvale, now Daedalic Entertainment is back to announce another hero for their upcoming game, A Year of Rain. Introducing Shen the Scarred.

Wielding the power of fire, Shen is an evoker of House Rupah, originating from the southern lands. Dedicating her craft to the power of fire, she is seen as hotheaded, even for her young age.

A year of Rain Shen the Scarred

Her concept art hasn’t much changed since conception. You can see how the fire has affected her right arm and the staff she uses in combat. Using this staff, along with a book, she can summon a fire elemental to help fight with her.

A year of Rain Shen the Scarred

This time, the developers have detailed the hero’s abilities.

  • Fireball: Deals X damage to all enemies in a circular area.
  • Fiery Chains: Roots all hostile units in the circular target area in place for X seconds, making them unable to move.
  • Conjure Fire Elemental: Summons a fire elemental that attacks enemies.
  • Emberstorm (Ultimate): Summons a circular firey vortex for X seconds that pulls enemies towards it and dealing Y damage.

It’s looking like Shen will be a good character for dealing damage to the enemy while their elemental (or some other tank) maintains focus.

This marks the second of four heroes for House Rupah, the protagonistic organization in A Year of Rain. We can expect more info about the remaining two in the coming days.

A Year of Rain will be available on Steam at an unannounced date.