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The Command & Conquer: Generals Evolution Mod Brings The Classic RTS Into Red Alert 3

There’s a very real feeling to want to play an older game in a newer game’s engine. And thanks to the effort of a few modders, you can! Introducing Command & Conquer: Generals Evolution, a recreation mod of the classic 2003 RTS game in the 2008 RTS game.

Command & Conquer: Generals Evolution is a fan-made mod for Red Alert 3. It released in beta last week, bringing in nearly every unit from Generals. The project is primarily led by Gunship Mark II, who spent years working on the idea. And now that they’ve released it, they plan on resting.

“Working on this project was nothing but a copious amount of stress. I had to sacrifice pretty much every ounce of my free time, even decline freelance job offers just to finish this thing (I think it’s a ‘me’ problem at this point).”

They don’t plan on giving up, however. Once rested, they plan on returning to add in the missing units, more units, a single player campaign, and some co-op missions and maps.

This is an interesting project, bringing nostalgia into another. And with a dry spell of Command & Conquer content, we’ll take whatever we can get. You can download the mod for yourselves on ModDB.