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Modder Recreates Doom Game Within Age of Empires 2

One of the oldest jokes in the game development world is whether or not something can run Doom. We’ve seen it on calculators, watches, vehicle infotainment screens. And now: it’s an Age of Empires 2 campaign.

Found by DSOG, Age of Empires 2 modder HELLKNIGHT61 recently released a project called Age of Doom. Using assets from the original AoE game, along with some custom-made assets, this mod recreated the campaign and mechanics of the original Doom game into AoE2. The player has a “doomguy” unit that they select and command like any normal RTS, while interacting with things like teleporters, elevators, keys, and shotguns. 

The campaign, an original component by Hellknight, is inspired by the original and the 2016 revival of Doom. Fully fledged, the campaign is broken into five chapters. The final chapter is still in development, however.

I always love it when passion projects like this appear. The idea of someone (Hellknight, in this case) spending what was likely a great deal of time to create a tribute to something they love, within something else they love, neither of which are tremendously mainstream right now, is absolutely inspiring. And to release it for everyone else to enjoy is even better. Well done, Hellknight, next beer is on me.

For more information about the Age of Doom mod, including how to play it for yourself, visit it’s Moddb page.