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Becastled is a Stylized Day/Night Survival RTS

Real time strategy doesn’t have to always be about war. Sometims you’re simply defending your home. That’s the main idea behind Becastled.

Developed and published by Mana Potion Studios, Becastled is an Early Access RTS/survival game with a cartoonish 3D style. The main premise is to build up your castle walls and army during the day, using your efforts to fight against an invading horde during the night.

While not very many people are talking about the game, it’s gotten a pretty positive reception. The day/night cycle isn’t entirely new to the genre, but it’s uncommon enough to be a refreshing change of pace from the usual constant balance required in most RTS games. As a result, there’s more premeditation and calculated planning involved.

Though, like most early access games, there remains some problems. The most common complaint seems to be with the AI system. Sometimes enemies don’t behave in expected ways while your own units sometime do not perform to expectations.

All things considered, Becastled looks like an enjoyable time for anyone fond of the resource management component of the genre.

Becastled is available now on Steam PC as an early access title for $14.99.