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Against the Storm is a City Builder Based in Torrential Rain

Not every conflict is between men. Sometimes the greatest foe a civilization must face is the place they call home. That’s the driving idea behind Against the Storm, an in-development city-builder roguelite game.

Against the Storm takes place in a fantasy world where a constant torrent of rain is falling from the sky above. The once prosperous civilization is long gone and only their ruins remain. The player must manage a new village, utilizing the lighter rain and bunkering down against the inhospitable storms. Most importantly, they need to keep the hearth lit at all times.

While defined as a roguelite city builder, it fits perfectly in the RTS genre, sharing many of the same mechanics you’d otherwise see. This includes choosing a starting race, harvesting materials, managing population, and establishing buildings. I’m particularly interested in trying the LizardFolk race.

So what about the roguelite part?

Not every game in Against the Storm will be the same. Each playthrough will have different conditions and toolsets available and each map will be randomly generated. A staple aspect of the roguelite genre, it invites a degree of variety and replayability far beyond your average strategy game.

The game shows some serious promise. The Player VS Environment is somewhat unexplored in RTS games (Yes, I know about Frostpunk) and I look forward to seeing more of it. The art style and creative direction fits the theme well and the game already has some interesting mechanics to keep it fun. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on this one.

Against the Storm will release on Steam and GoG some time in 2021. A demo is currently available on Steam, for those interested. Developed by Eremite Games, this will be the second title from the indie studio. The first was Shattered Plane, a turn based strategy game.