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Battlecruisers: Ultra-Marginally Improved Edition Adds New Bosses, Weapons, More

New Zealand-based studio Mecha Weka is back with a major update to their mobile 2D navel RTS game, Battlecruisers. Dubbed the Ultra-Marginally Improved Edition, it brings new weapons, buildable, bosses, and story to the game.

The update, which released on March 31, features five new AI enemies, 5 new weapons, and 5 new buildables. This includes things like the Gatling Mortar and Steam Copter. Alongside that, there’s a new UI for a cleaner and simpler interface, a destruction score, rankings, boss fights, and even a new story ending, bringing new light to Charlie’s story.

We first learned about Battlecruisers a little over a year ago, when it had left beta and had an official release. The minimalistic style, using solid black silhouettes with bright backdrops from dynamic explosions gives it a sense of beauty. Combined with the 2D side view, it’s a rarely seen perspective for the RTS genre.

Battlecruisers is available now on Steam PC for $6, and as a free to play title (with paid DLC) for iOS and Android devices. More information can be found on their official website.