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2D Naval RTS BattleCruisers has Launched on PC, Mobile

After a demo release in October and a strong reception, the 2D navel RTS game Battlecruisers has formally released on PC and mobile devices.

Developed by Mecha Weka, a small indie studio in New Zealand, Battlecruisers is a real time battle game based on modern nautical combat. The player operates their own battleship, which can be commanded and upgrades with various wartime components. Their main goal is to defeat the opposing battleship across the open water. 

The methods of war vary from launching combat planes and bombers to reinforcing their own defenses. It goes as far as developing giant walkers and destructive lasers.

Battlecruisers really stood out to us when we first heard of it. It has an almost minimalistic style to it, opting for solid black outlines for the ship and inter-working pieces. Meanwhile, dynamic explosions and lighting give the game a surprisingly dramatic contrast. 

The 2D side-view is also tremendously uncommon for the RTS genre. Most games we see are top down, utilizing the large open terrain for growth. This game is very much stationary, focused more on enhancing and fortifying your existing ship. 

Battlecruisers is available now on Steam PC for $6, and as a free to play title (with paid DLC) for iOS and Android devices. More information can be found on their official website.

  1. Thank you for covering our game bro! It’s nice to see what you liked about it. We’re really in a furious whirlwind right now – 4 days into launch, we’ve even been on the front page of Steam! So exciting for 2 amateur indie devs, working part time on this game for about 5 years.

    Casalex on February 9 | Reply
    • Hey I was wondering if the game got deleted on the App Store? Can’t seem to find it

      Hehe on September 19 | Reply
      • It’s still there. It appears to only be available for iPads/tablets. Your device may not be supported, which might be why you can’t find it.

        Branden Lizardi on September 28 | Reply
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