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Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition Won’t Have New Civs Post Release

Longtime RTS fans are growing increasingly excited for the upcoming Age of Empire 2: Definitive Edition. But there might not be as many changes as one might think. For example, there won’t be any new civilizations after the game releases.

According to an interview PCGamesN did with Age of Empires Creative Director Adam Isgreen, there’s too much pressure on maintaining a balance with their difference civilizations, especially after the Forgotten Empires DLC and the four confirmed Civs to join the Definitive Edition, that they won’t be trying to upset that balance further with new playable civilizations in the future.

“I definitely think that the team has felt the weight of adding four new civs. . . The balance is such that there are probably some seventy-thirty matchups in there, but the pro players can still make those work. I think that’s a big compliment to the balance of Age II throughout the years.

. . .

At this point, I think we’re done adding civilizations to Age II. I do not foresee us adding any more civs to the game. I think we’ll add more content, campaigns, new game modes – all those kinds of things we’ll explore, but even our pro players are kind of saying ‘we’re done, we have enough civs at this point to last us forever’.

. . .

It’s a lot to hold in your head, and I think that they would love to get comfortable with the game rather than trying to push into even more civs. There comes a saturation point, and I think we’re there.”

Isgreen expanded on their inspiration for the four new civs expected for Definitive Edition( the Lithuanians, the Bulgarians, the Cumans, and the Tartars), explaining that they used that as an opportunity to fill out any cultural gaps in the game.

It sounds like they’re working hard at ensuring that Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition will offer plenty of new content for existing fans. But new civs will not be one of them. That’s alright by me, I already have Korea.

Update: The original version of the article implied that Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition wouldn’t have any new civs at all. This is incorrect, there just wont be any new ones after the game releases, like with DLC. The article has been corrected accordingly.

  1. This is wrong, you misunderstood what Adam said… 4 new civilizations have already been confirmed for Age II DE, and we know which ones as well. However, there won’t be additional civs added in later DLCs, as was the case with previous expansions (at least according to current plans)

    Jineapple on July 9 | Reply
    • Yes, you are correct. We apologize for the misunderstanding and have corrected the article accordingly.

      Branden Lizardi on July 9 | Reply