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How Age of Darkness Takes Inspiration from Game of Throne’s “The Long Night”

Media inspires media. Art creates art. And that’s the case with Age of Darkness: Final Stand, an upcoming fantasy RTS that took a page from Game of Thrones.

Or to be more specific, it took inspiration from The Long Night, the episode of the hit show where the Night King attacks Winterfell. In a recent interview with PCgamesN, PlaySide designer James Berkelmans mentioned how that scene played a big part of how they’re approaching their game.

“When starting development we were inspired by the Game of Thrones episode ‘The Long Night’. The whole idea being that when night came you had to hold your ground against a large horde of enemies, that’s where the idea of our death nights started.

Age of Darkness is an ambitious game in many ways. We integrate a lot of light RPG and roguelike elements… We trust that players want a game that tests their skills – providing procedurally generated maps, steep difficulty climbs and high skill ceilings to allow for this.”

For a bit of context, in Age of Darkness, the player has to use their day hours to collect resources and make preparations for their castle. When night comes, an evil shroud moves in, releasing countless supernatural monsters in it’s approach.

We can absolutely see the connection being made here. And the sheer number of enemies that you can encounter has us impressed. Though that’s exactly what the developers wanted.

“We’ve created this system to give us the flexibility to create some amazing game moments. It goes without saying that the sheer amount of units our engine can allow is very impressive. Not only can we do this – but we can do so with many 3D effects and a highly detailed world.”

While the whole prepare-by-day, Survive-by-night concept isn’t the most unique, it can be tremendously engaging when done correctly. While it’s too early to speak of gameplay, Age of Darkness definitely gets the visual feeling down right. We look forward to seeing more about the game closer to release.

Age of Darkness: Final Stand will be releasing on Steam PC as an early access title some time this fall. You can find more on the official website.