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A Year of Rain Devs Reveal New Hero: Morrig Fogvale

Last March, Daedalic Entertainment, the German game studio behind State of Mind, announced A Year of Rain. Now the team is back to reveal some details about one of the game’s heroes: Ranger Morrig Fogvale.

A year of Rain is a co-op RTS game with a focus on fantasy and magic. The main draw it to play with a partner as you take on enemy units. Each army is led by a hero unit. So far, the only hero we knew about was Lord Rupah, or the House Rupah faction. But a recent dev blog post, we hear about the next hero, as well as the character’s development.

a year of rain hero morrig fogvale

Morrig Fogvale is a dwarven hinter from the north with an ‘if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth dying for’ attitude. The original character concepts showed him with a hood and a large crossbow. He also had a thinner frame. The blue color would be replaced by your team color.

a year of rain hero morrig fogvale

Eventually, his design was reworked, removing the hood and giving him a wider frame. Now we see the pulled back haircut and a furrier armor set. Once this design was decided on, they moved on to 3D modeling. They’re working on his animations now.

Daedalic Entertainment will announce the other heroes “within the next couple of weeks.” So stay tuned.

For now, you can wishlist A Year of Rain on Steam.