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Games Workshop Unveils Abaddon the Despoiler Model

Games Workshop continues to support their legendary Warhammer series by introducing a new wave of Chaos Space Marines, including Abaddon the Despoiler himself as the flagship model.

The official announcement describes Abaddon as an integral part of Warhammer history. He’s been the big bad boss of countless books, campaigns, and tabletop battles. They consider him “perhaps second only to the Emperor as an icon of the 41st Millennium, and he definitely gets out more.” So they felt he was deserving of a new model

The model itself is done in fantastic detail. Standing twice as large as the average Space Marine, he comes with an optional cape, three heads to choose from, and corpse of a defeated enemy under his boot.

The announcement came at the end of a series of additional model announcements. Some notable examples included the Daemon Engine, with a vaguely insect-like design; and the Chaos Noise Marine, a six-string guitar rockin’ warrior with outrageous colors and a wicked mohawk.

We don’t think the 40k series is done yet. Adepticon, a major tabletop convention, will be taking place later this month in Schaumburg, Illinois. There’s a fair chance Games Workshop is saving their best stuff for then.