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Source Wars is an Up and Coming Vaporwave RTS Game

Sometimes, when news is slow, I like to look around for passion projects and hobby developer games. This time, it’s Source Wars, a retro-neon RTS game by Yan Hildebrand.

Currently in early development, Source Wars is an RTS game with all of the classic components: base building, resource management, and territorial conflict. What sets it apart is the setting. Instead of traditional themes like medieval fantasy or military sci-fi, Source Wars takes a page out of the TRON style guide. Low-poly landscapes are accented by bright wireframes. Vaporwave Drum and Bass jams play as you fight against AI enemies.

“Battles are fought in holodeck arenas that are divided into sectors. Each sector has its own mainframe temple, which can be hacked to take over the sector. The game is won once all sectors are hacked and all enemy units destroyed.”

At the moment, the player can compete against up to 7 rival AI in a territorial battle. Battle units naturally generate at their mainframe, while the same happens for the other combatants. To overtake a region, the player must have 50% more units occupying an enemy mainframe than they are. The player wins once all sectors are taken over and any straggling units are destroyed.

We like the style and the game definitely shows promise. So we’ll be watching the development of this game closely. Source Wars isn’t yet available, but you can wishlist the game on Steam. For more information, including social media links and a Patreon page to support the project, visit the official website.

One thing I would love to see, personally, is an enemy faction that speaks in that garbled, low-bit speech made famous by the classic arcade game Bezerk. DESTROY THE HUMANOID.