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Sanctuary’s Map Making Contest Offers Free Steam Games

Do you enjoy making custom maps for RTS games? Do you want to help expand a small studio’s sci-fi RTS game? What if you were given a bunch of free games in return? Sound interesting? Then you should head over to the Sanctuary RTS Discord channel.

Sanctuary is an upcoming sci-fi RTS game, where colonies living atop of a Dyson Sphere are in constant conflict over the land and its power. Currently in development, they plan to have a beta release some time later this year.

But what’s that about making maps for free games?

The developers have announced their own map making contest. Members of the community will be able to create their own maps using the dev’s custom map making program, and submit them to the contest. The winner, chosen by the devs, will then be awarded a variety of Steam redemption key for different games, totaling in around $900 worth of games.

The contest is taking place within the official Sanctuary Discord channel. Additional details, download links, helpful resources, and the game list can all be found there. It will also be where the maps are submitted. More information, including a Discord link, can also be found on this Reddit post.

Folks have until March 3 at midnight to submit their maps for the contest.

Best of luck to anything who chooses to participate.