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Regiments is a “Cold War Gone Hot” RTS Game

A new RTS is entering the market, a late 1980s period wartime game about the european conflicts during a Cold War gone hot. Introducing Regiment.

Regiment takes place in 1989 Germany as a new war is rising between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The player commands platoons and armor support, organizes battle plans, and establishes defenses. Four factions are present in the game: The Soviet Union, the United States, West Germany, and East Germany

One thing that helps Regiment stand out is the graphical quality. While unassuming when zoomed out, the player can zoom in to see an impressive level of quality on small details like combat units and environment.

It also features a more optimized Platoon System. This adds a degree of automation to combat groups, allowing the commander to focus more on the big picture and less on micromanaging each unit.

To be honest, Regiment doesn’t exactly impress us. The overall style and theme is one done frequently in RTS games and it doesn’t appear to offer much to make it stand out. This also appears to be the developer’s first title. While there isn’t anything wrong with that, it leaves little room for reassurance that the game will be of an enjoyable quality.

Regiment is not yet available. Currently, the game is expected to launch in Spring of 2021. You can wishlist the game on Steam now, however.