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Plague Inc Releases The Cure DLC For Free “Until COVID-19 is Under Control”

The pandemic continues on, even today. Countless people are still feeling the financial, mental, and emotional effects it has on us. The developers of Plague Inc want to help in a positive way. So they’re releasing “The Cure” DLC for free until the pandemic is over.

Plague Inc is one of the most well known strategy games out there. In it, the player usually controls a constantly mutating disease with the intention of infecting the entire world. The DLC, known as The Cure, takes that and spins it around. Instead, it lets the player lead an effort to stop a spreading infection. More so, the DLC uses real data to portray the process realistically.

“Created with the help of world health experts from all over the world including the WHO, CEPI and GOARN, Plague Inc: The Cure is an engaging and timely simulation of a global disease response.”

This DLC has been recently changed to “free” on Steam. At the bottom of the description, a newly added note claims that it will be free “until COVID-19 is under control.” Additionally, a new image was added to the Steam page that said the same thing.

This is a tremendously considerate decision by Ndemic Creations. They’re using their position to help others in a very relevant way, while still promoting the advancement of a cure.

As usual, we have to remind those interested that it’s still a game and not a suitable substitute for learning how real world disease handling works.

If interested, check out the Steam page for Plague Inc: The Cure, where it can be acquired for free, hopefully for not very long.