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This WIP Mod Turns Minecraft into an RTS Game

With enough time, and a bit of community effort. Anything can be an RTS game. In this case, its Minecraft. A WIP mod for the popular sandbox game transforms it into a classic real-time strategy experience.

Currently in development by Reddit user Remmintan, this fan-made Minecraft mod takes the player out of a traditional first person experience, opting for an overhead view of the environment. From there, they can issue basic commands, such as building a simple castle, and a collection of NPCs will run to the location to build it.

Remmintan, in response to various comments on the debut Reddit post, expanded on some of their focus and their intentions. It sounds like the mod’s final form will be more focused on the management aspects of RTS, having taken some inspiration from Rimworld.

“The main idea here is to create city manager simulator in Minecraft and combine best from both genres. Flexibility of Minecraft with strategy feeling.”

There is still a great deal of work that would need to be done to make the mod into a fully-fledged experience. We’re imagining things like resource collection, and dealing with outside threats. While the base game does have aspects like hunger, we’re not as sure if we’ll see the NPCs needing regular food. Only time will tell.

While not currently available, they plan on releasing an alpha version of the mod later this month.

It’s easy to be excited for projects like this. But we also recognize that mods are almost always unpaid passion projects. We wish the developers best of luck, but assure that there’s no pressure to provide results.

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