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Iron Conflict Goes Free to Play in Less Than a Year

Bored? Want something new to try without having to commit or invest? Here’s an option: In a final effort toward survival, Iron Conflict is going free to play on Steam.

Developed by Angela Games and released at the beginning of this year, Iron Conflict is a competitive war RTS focused on machines and vehicles. Initially costing $15, the game has recently gone free-to-play, granting some perks for past players that purchased the title.

Paid players, as a way of thanks for supporting the game, will be granted the following rewards.

  • Premium Account Time (30 days)
  • 5000 Gold
  • 10,000,000 Silver
  • 30 Reward Cards
  • 2S7 self-propelled howitzer unit (Bear Faction – Tier 5).

While this sounds nice initially, we’re feeling a certain degree of concern here. The game has mixed reviews on Steam, and to go from paid to free to play within a year, while still in early access, is a bit of a red flag. The common complaint we’re seeing is a combination of repetitive gameplay and too much incentivization on purchasing optional microtransactions. 

All in all, we’re probably going to pass on this opportunity. But if we’re ever desperate for something new, it’s good to know It’s still here. Unless they shut down the servers, we guess. If you’re interested, Iron Conflict can be found on Steam.