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HypeMasters Secure Funding by The Games Fund for Mobile RTS

There are fewer things as glorious to smaller game studios than securing funding. All the better when one of those studios is making an RTS game. The Games Fund has announced their latest venture capital fund, one of which is going towards an RTS studio.

The Games Fund, for those unfamiliar, is an orgnaization that provides funding to up and coming developers to help them afford to develop the games they want to make. Recently, the organization announced four studios that they will be providing assistance to: Purple Games, Hypemasters, Vandrouka Games, and Jarvi.

What we’re interested in is HyperMasters, however. This Russian studio founded by Sergey Petrov and Boris Kalmykov is working on World War Commander, an RTS mobile game set during the second world war. Based in London and St. Petersburg, they currently have a team of 25 people working on the title.

The studio remarked that they believe there is little faith in the idea of an RTS mobile game. But they believe that it’s a missed opportunity. They see how strong the PC RTS community is and believe they can create something that would appeal to them on a mobile platform.

World War Commander is currently in Beta in Russia, showing some very promising responses. Plans for the game to release globally were not given, but it’s likely, should the game be a success.

It’s always good to hear about a studio getting to make the game they want without the looming fear of affording it. We with HypeMasters the best of luck in development.