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Work on Halo Wars Franchise is Over, 343 Confirms

All things come to an end one day. Unfortunately, today seems to be that day for the RTS legend, Halo Wars. A statement by 343 confirms that the real time strategy spin-off series will be laid to rest, with no plans of a revival or continuation.

This information comes from 343 community manager John Junyszek on HaloWaypoint, who mused on the 4-year anniversary since Halo Wars 2 released. Though with that musing comes the unfortunate confirmation that the series is being set aside for focus on the Master Chief Collection.

“We want to give it to you straight: 343 Industries has no current plans for further Halo Wars 2 work including content updates, balance patches, bringing the title to other platforms, or a new game in the series.
. . . 
We will, however, continue to monitor the game and ensure everything is working as expected.”

Our sympathies to all of the Hallow Wars fans out there. For those looking for a glimmer of hope, Junyszek does clarify that this may not be set in stone.

“We’re specifically never going to say never because, well, who knows what the future may bring.”

Junyszek then expands on the reason for this decision. They explain that much of 343’s focus right now is on the Master Chief Collection, supporting/maintaining all of their currently existing projects, and the development of the upcoming Halo Infinite. With a limited amount of time and resources, they needed to put Halo Wars down.

With any luck, they’ll return for a third game at some point in the future.