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GODS RTS/RPG Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Roosevelt Games is looking to make a more engaging RTS experience with GODS, an RTS/RPG combo where you play an almighty entity managing intelligent towns, dynamic weather, and giant creatures. To help make it happen, they’ve launched their own Kickstarter.

In GODS, you are a god. You guide and manage your own town, build a following, and become an icon of praise. At the same time, you can BE the people. The game features a possession ability, allowing the player to take control of the soldiers, villagers, or giant monsters in your army, playing as them instead of just guiding them.

The game also features advanced weather systems, a variety of civilian races, and even VR support (optional). You can design your towns and villages with incredible detail, and watch the locals work and manage the construction. The giant creatures can even help.

The good news is that the game has already reached it’s $25,000 funding goal. Though anyone wanting early backer benefits can still invest in the project. I think the giant creatures look a bit naked for my taste, personally.

GODS will release on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch at an approximate date of June 2020.