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Farthest Frontier is a Wilderness RTS by the Grim Dawn Devs

Fantastic news comes to people who like a dirty, medieval RTS game. Crate Entertainment, the developers of Grim Dawn, have announced their next game, an RTS game called Farthest Frontier.

The game takes a more survivalistic approach to the Middle Ages. The player must guide their people through the wilderness, spanning into uncharted lands. They’ll need to hunt, fish, forage, build, craft, and fight to survive.

Farthest Frontier dives deeper into the difficulty and complexity of living during this time period. With more than 10 different crops available, and fear for a variety of diseases, and more, players will have to take a lot more into account when trying to establish a sustainable homeland. And none of this even accounts for the risk of raider invasions.

With 50+ buildings, diverse difficulty settings, randomly generated worlds, environmental interaction, and advanced town simulation, everything listed in their Steam page sounds extremely promising. And with a game like Grim Dawn under their belt, we have greater faith that they’ll be able to deliver. We look forward to learning more when the game launches into early access later this year.

Don’t worry, this won’t be one of those games that stays in early access forever. They only plan to stay in this phase for a handful of months before launching a full release.