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Falling Frontier is an Upcoming Space RTS With Fantastic Physics

Are you ready for something classic? Introducing Falling Frontier, a sci-fi space RTS that’s looking to dive deep into the genre’s roots.

Developed by Stutter Fox Studios, Falling Frontier takes place in the endless expanse of space. Managing both utilitarian civilian ships and strategic military ships, the player must face against rival factions for resources, control, and political power.

Like with any good RTS, it’s more than just combat. The player must manage their resources and the land it’s collected from. Military ships need safe places to return to for rearming and refueling. Civilian miners and harvesters need to work near sources of material without fear of enemy attack.

What sets Falling Frontier apart from other RTS games is the dynamic physics that take place. When space rocks are broken or ships are blasted to bits, all that debris flies out into the cosmos of space. The realistic physics simulations give the game a rather stunning visual feel. Even without that component, the visuals of this game look pretty impressive.

Falling Frontier was announced for early access last December. Currently, the game is marked for release around June 2021 in an early access state. An official 1.0 release is expected in one year after that. More information, including wishlisting, can be done on the game’s official Steam page.