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The Fabulous Fear Machine is a Comic Book Horror RTS Game by AMC

Horror, Comic Book, and Real Time Strategy. Those are three words we never thought we’d see paired together. But the folks at AMC Games, Fictiorama Studios have the ambition to do exactly that. Introducing The Fabulous Fear Machine.

A regional RTS game, the player takes control of the “Master of the Machine.” Your goal is to spread fear by cultivating the classic stories of fear and fright. Send agents out to sow the horror stories, fight against rival forces of good, and plan out how to take over the world, one region at a time.

When you think about it, it makes sense that this would happen. The game is presented by AMC Games and SHUDDER. AMC (yes, the movie people), own SHUDDER, which is a movie streaming service with a focus on horror. While a horror-centric game is a given for this, the RTS component is what surprises us. But again, if anyone is going to stray from the traditional, a group that focuses on the nuances of horror would be the ones. As a fan of horror films and RTS, I can’t help but be interested. It also was chosen for “Narrative Excellence” at the London Games Festival. So there must be something of quality there.

The Fabulous Fear Machine is developed by Fictiorama Studios, presented by AMC Games and SHUDDER, and early development of the game was supported by Red.es and FEDER (European Regional Development Fund). It will release on PC in Summer of 2022.