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UFC Champ Conor McGregor is the Hero of a Mobile RTS Game

If you are within any degree of earshot of the MMA world, you’ve probably heard the name Conor McGregor. Former UFC champion and one of the biggest names in MMA right now, he’s also a character in a mobile RTS game, apparently.

Promoted on McGregor’s instagram (discovered first by Fansided.com), the fighter promoted an upcoming mobile RTS game called Dystopia: Competition of Heroes. The main draw of his promotional post being that one of the main characters is based on more than just his likeness, but his name as well.

Now to be honest, calling it an RTS is a bit generous on our terms. The game features resource management and base constructions similar to RTS games, but the actual gameplay is based on invading predetermined maps with a handful of units that are placed at strategic times. The gameplay is more comparable to Clash of Clans than your traditional RTS game.

This isn’t actually McGregor’s first time in a video game. He has been featured in the UFC video game series, of course, but he also was present in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare back in 2015. He wasn’t literally Conor McGregor, but it still counts.

While this is an interesting thing to hear about, we have little faith that it’ll be anything more than that. We doubt that McGregor is much of a gamer, mobile or otherwise (though that’s simply us assuming, to be fair). So to us, this looks like just another mobile game using a celebrity to promote a game that doesn’t actually do anything to stand out from all the other games like it.