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Anno 1800 Update 4 Brings Sunken Treasure DLC, Bug Fixes

After much anticipation, Update 4 has been rolled out to the city building RTS game Anno 1800. It brings bug fixes, rebalancing, as well as the Sunken Treasures DLC.

Sunken Treasures, a $12 DLC to the base game, adds new quests, a new island, and a new diving bell system. The questline, For Crown and Treasure, sets the player on a quest for a priceless artifact lost to the sea in a battle many years ago. You’ll use the diving bell, which allows the player to hunt for sunken treasure. It also includes a new island. “One of the biggest islands in Anno history.”

While the DLC is a paid feature, Update 4 also brings a slew of improvements to the base game. These include:

  • Increased Camera Distance
  • Optimized Performance
  • Better Viewing Range
  • Improved Trade Route Menus
  • Rebalanced Rewards
  • Text Filters on Trade Ships

Congratulations to Anno players, this will undoubtedly improve the quality of play. For more information about the update, visit the official blog post.