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Ancestor’s Legacy Releases Free “Peasant Edition,” Supports Multiplayer

People seem to be really into vikings lately. And the developers of Ancestors Legacy, a popular viking RTS game, are making the most of the trend. The studio has released a special, free to play edition of the game that opens up multiplayer to everyone.

Dubbed the Peasant Edition, this version of Ancestors Legacy includes four levels from the main campaign, and access to 17 multiplayer maps used in 2-6 player battles (human or AI).

Ancestor’s Legacy, both the paid and free versions, are a traditional RTS style game comparable to Company of Heroes. The player takes control of a certain medieval group, managing resources, building armies, and waging war against each other. They can control squads of units to better strategize and use the terrain and circumstances to their advantage. They don’t have to be Vikings, either. German, Slavic, and Anglo-Saxton teams are also available.

This is a clever idea. It entices friends who own the game to get the free version and play together. If the friend is into it, they’re more likely to purchase the full game to play the campaign and other missing components. It’s essentially a fairly fleshed out demo, but marketed in a fun and thematically appropriate way.

Ancestor’s Legacy: Peasant Edition is available now on Steam for free. Should a Peasant player find themselves wanting more, the full edition of the game is available on Steam for $35.